The Academy of Finance (AOF) senior cohort visited The Travelers Companies on Oct. 24 and, as part of a continuing collaboration, the students presented case studies on worker retention in the insurance industry.

Meanwhile, AOF 11th graders visited Land O’Lakes headquarters on Nov. 6, learning about careers in marketing and advertising.

All 290 Academy of Finance students (grades 9 to 12), hosted about 40 Wells Fargo corporate employees at Como High on Nov. 19. The Wells Fargo Day is an annual highlight as students partner with mentors, develop and refine resumes, conduct mock interviews and, for the seniors, present their assigned case studies.

The International Visitor Leadership Program, hosted by the U.S. State Department, recently collaborated with Global Minnesota to bring “Women Leaders: Promoting Peace and Security” to Como Park High School.

Eight leaders representing their nations shared, among other things, how women leaders mentor the next generation and they held discussions with a U.S. History class and had a round table forum with senior AP Government students.

The distinguished guests included a news reporter from Croatia, an agency head from the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense, an educational development director from Ukraine, an NGO consultant from France, a director general of EU Affairs from Malta, a school administrator from South Sudan and diplomats from Moldova and Ireland.

Como’s Theatre and Music Department Choir recently presented its annual fall musical in the Cougar Forum. Since building construction precluded holding the musical in the school’s auditorium; directors Carole Whitney and Allison Hartzell decided to use the small, but new, forum space.

“This is a wonderfully talented, creative and flexible cast that has worked to make the show a delight, even outside of our usual theater home,” Whitney said.

The Frog Princess entertained audiences for two nights—after two months of preparation. Cast members were John Dugan, Aspen Schucker, Ava Vitali, Wim Lemkeit, Wyatt Hanson, Lila Seeba, Emilie Pagel, Lee Tuggle, Maisee Her, Boon Yang, Toby Sax and Jordan Allison.

Chorus members included Mariatu Kanu, Gemma Pham, Dulce Ruiz, Htakee Saw, Leeda Thao and Tee Tee Wah.

Eric Erickson is a social studies teacher at Como Park Senior High School.

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