By Eric Erickson

Academy of Finance

Sophomores studying Introduction to Business within the Academy of Finance (AOF) program at Como recently took a field trip to the Minnesota State Board of Investment (SBI).

The SBI visit was an opportunity for the Como students to present their creative business ventures in front of their mentors who represent a variety of businesses and institutions around the Twin Cities.

Collaboration was ongoing throughout the first semester as mentors worked with Sumaya Mohamed’s students at Como once every three weeks, offering guidance, insight and support for their developing business plans.

The presentation format was patterned after “Shark Tank,” the popular reality TV series. Students made their mentors an offer for a stake in their company before pitching details of their new business ideas. In turn, the business experts gave the students feedback on their entrepreneurial plans.

After the presentations, students learned about investment banking from a few industry experts. The day concluded with students touring the Minnesota State Capitol.

Spring Musical

Performances of The Jungle Book are scheduled at 7 p.m., March 15 and 16 in the Como High School Auditorium. About 40 students in the cast and tech crew are working hard and having fun at their after-school rehearsals in preparation for the shows.

Ticket prices are $5 for students and $7 for adults.

Winter concerts

Katie Miller, a second-year Como teacher, directed the winter instrumental concert in January with three bands and one orchestra in performances.

The beginning band made its stage debut, which is a huge accomplishment for new musicians, while the jazz band and advanced band “dug into some challenging music and the orchestra resurfaced after a multiple-year hiatus,” Miller said.

“I’m proud of my students’ performance and cherish the time I have to work with them.”

The Como choirs held their winter concert in the Como Auditorium on Jan. 24. A variety of popular selections and diverse genres were featured under the direction of first-year Como teacher Huy Tran.

“Singing and adapting to a new teacher is not an easy thing to do,” Tran said. “But these choirs did it with grace and had an amazing concert! I am beyond proud of the hard work the choirs put into preparing for it.”

Eric Erickson teaches social studies at Como Park Senior High School and is a regular contributor to the Bugle.

Photo credit: Tenth grade Academy of Finance students with their mentors at the Minnesota State Board of Investment. Submitted photo from Eric Erickson.

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