Como Park Senior High School news

By Eric Erickson

Brown completes first year at Como

Diana Brown concluded her first academic year as Como’s principal and expressed appreciation for students, staff and the ability to support positive educational initiatives.

“I’m grateful for this community and what our students bring every day,” Brown said. “Being Como’s principal, I’m able to support really great ideas. It’s nice to have a seat at the table with the authority to say ‘yes’ when students and staff propose innovative ideas that make sense and add value.”

       Brown was quick to voice pride in the student leadership program spearheaded by teachers Allison Hartzell and Sumaya Mohamed.

       A revamped student council was critical to improving school-wide events, providing student mentors in seminar (formerly advisory/homeroom) and creating clubs that met every Wednesday during seminar.
       “I’m also proud of our extra-curriculars,” Brown added. “There are so many programs that are beneficial to our students. And we’ll be adding a focus on soft skills with our new 3DE program partnering with Junior Achievement next year.”

Senior dedication night

The Como school auditorium was filled with honored seniors from the class of 2024 and their families on Tuesday, May 28.

       The assembly celebrated the achievement of students whose a unique journey through high school began as ninth graders taking online classes during COVID-19. The enthusiasm, effort and spirit of these seniors was evident once they arrived on campus and mask mandates were lifted.
       The senior dedication program featured the distribution of graduation cords for academic distinction, service, leadership and extracurricular activities.

       There were also presentations of college tuition scholarships -ranging from $500 to $16,000 _- to students from community partners.
       Scholarship sponsors included: the Wallin Education Partners, Blaze Financial, Paitich #forthekids Foundation, Como STEM, Get Ready Student Success, Rice St. Athletic Club and the Professor David Schultz Scholarship.

Graduation ceremony

Graduation was held on Wednesday night, June 5 at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in downtown St. Paul.

       Seniors Adi Toe and Kyle Kosiak presented the student address while math teacher Kia Yang gave the staff address.

The choir and band gave their final performances of the year and each graduate from Como’s class of 2024 walked across the stage to receive their coveted diploma.

Eric Erickson is a social studies teacher at Como Park Senior High School and a freelance writer for the Bugle.

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