Como Station post office building is for sale

The building that houses the U.S. Postal Service’s Como Station is for sale. That came as a surprise to the post office employees and the U.S. Postal Service itself when the station got a call on Tuesday, Aug. 19, from a realtor, said postal clerk Annette Edeburn.

The U.S. Postal Service has been leasing 2286 Como Ave. since 1970 from Lorraine McCann and her late husband, Harold, of Siren, Wis.

According to Bugle archives, Harold McCann acquired the building in 1955 and ran it as a Phillips station and garage, known as State Wide Engine Rebuilding. That business went hand-in-hand with McCann’s love of stock car racing. He raced in the 1961 State Fair Minnesota Classic in a ’61 Ford.

You can still see the curb cutouts in the sidewalk in front of the building where State Wide’s customers rolled in and out of the shop. McCann ran it as a garage and machine shop until it burned down in 1958. The rebuilt structure is as it appears today.

McCann had offered the building for sale in 1996. It was for sale for two years before it went off the market. At that time, the building was assessed at a market value of $156,000.

Cory Kingbay, the realtor representing Lorraine McCann, said the property is listed for sale at $799,900.



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