Competing at the State Fair

Stephanie Snyder, of St. Anthony Park, is among scores of people who dream of winning ribbons in creative activities at the Minnesota State Fair. Here’s Stephanie’s story:

“I’ve lived in St. Anthony park for 10 years. My family and I have always loved the State Fair. I would tell people a bucket list item of mine was to win a ribbon at the state fair — didn’t matter for what.

But I never had anything to enter in the fair. I always hoped I might grow a really big tomato or some other produce at the right time to enter. Never happened.

 The winter before last, I decided to try crop art. I had always enjoyed looking at the crop art at the fair.

The Hennepin History Museum offered an online class on how to get started, which I took. I didn’t win a ribbon, but was a fun winter activity.

I decided to give it another try this year. I have found the community of people doing crop art very welcoming and helpful.

It is much more tedious than I realized, though … pushing individual poppy seeds around with a toothpick dipped in glue!”

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