Couple launches Tax Cat Consulting

By Janet Wight

Milton Square in St. Anthony Park is home to another recently established business: Tax Cat Consulting.

Como Park residents Ana Pooley, a certified public accountant, and Lucas Robinson, office manager, launched the firm in January.

Tax Cat provides tax preparation services to small businesses and individuals. The firm also offers an array of bookkeeping, payroll and general accounting services, helping clients with IRS tax notices, Minnesota sales tax filings and general tax concerns.

The cost to have Tax Cat do individual tax returns runs between $200 and $500 depending on complexity, while business returns start around $1,000. Monthly fees for assistance with QuickBooks or payroll are based on the level of support needed.

Pooley and Robinson grew up in Plymouth, originally meeting in German class at Wayzata High School. They married in 2019 and now have two children.

Pooley attended Macalester College, majoring in mathematics and political science. A work-study job in financial aid sparked her interest in taxation and finance. She went on to land an internship at a tax firm in Plymouth and also spent one year in corporate accounting at an insurance company in St. Paul.

After realizing that becoming a certified public accountant was her ultimate goal, Pooley returned to school to complete a master’s degree in accountancy from Minnesota State University, Mankato, along with a Certificate in Taxation. She became officially licensed as a CPA earlier this year.

Robinson was an office manager at an accounting firm then moved on to a business analyst role. His experience in administration and processing returns dovetails nicely with Pooley’s technical background.

Reilly Mulhern, a childhood friend, rounds out the office staff for Tax Cat Consulting.

Having recently experienced several major life events including marriage, purchasing a home and having children, Pooley and Robinson are interested in serving as a resource and a one-stop shop to other small business owners navigating these same milestones. The couple prides itself on being “reachable, approachable and relatable,” Robinson explained.

Both Pooley and Robinson said they thoroughly enjoy patronizing the local shops and eateries in St. Anthony Park. They make a point to introduce themselves to fellow entrepreneurs, which has provided them with several client leads.

“It’s a good feeling to be helping people in the community,” Robinson said.

He added that he enjoys the creative freedom of owning a business. This includes setting up the firm based on their own vision, taking breaks when desired and having control over their work schedules, he said.

Pooley said she also relishes the flexibility in being a business owner. She said she likes to set the atmosphere in the office and enjoys wearing many hats every day. She explores the local library and coffee shops when she wants to step away from the office, Pooley added.

To achieve a healthy work-life balance, Pooley said she schedules weekly events including neighbor meet-ups and voice and guitar lessons. Although Robinson had never been a runner, he is currently training for a 10k race. He has also taken up fishing over the past couple of years.

One of the challenges they have faced as a referral-based business is the time it takes to build their client base.

“It can take a while to grow, so that is a challenge in the first year of operation,” Pooley explained. 

Janet Wight is a regular freelance writer for the Bugle.

Photo cutline: Ana Pooley and Lucas Robinson. Submitted photo.

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