COVID-19 knocks 2020 murals off the walls

By Sarah CR Clark

After a summer of cancellations, the blank walls awaiting fresh murals in the Creative Enterprise Zone neighborhood in south St. Anthony Park will remain blank a while longer.

“Indeed, we canceled Chroma Zone 2020 due to COVID-19,” explained Catherine Day, one of the festival’s organizers. Organizers plan to bring the festival back in September 2021.

The first Chroma Zone Mural & Art Festival occurred in September 2019 and included the live painting of 12 new murals by 15 local and global artists along with brewery parties, artist talks, bus tours and gallery exhibits. Of last year’s festival, Day reported it exceeded expectations.

“The artists created murals that are true gems—complex, beautiful and full of storytelling,” she said. “The community came out in droves.”

Last year’s murals are indeed treasures, worth another visit. Here is the roster of artists and mural locations from 2019’s Chroma Zone Mural & Art Festival:

Cey Adams at Hampden Park Co-op, 928 Raymond Ave.

Mariela Ajras at Wycliff, 2327 Wycliff St.- south side.

Claudia Valentino and Daniela Biamchini at Precision Coatings, 2313 Wycliff St.

Chuck U at Spot Weld, 2290 Wycliff St.

Priscila De Carvalho at Budget Sign Shop, 2474 W. Territorial Road.

Fadlabi at Wycliff, 2327 Wycliff St.-north side.

Mr. Kiji at Dual Citizen Brewing Co., 725 Raymond Ave.

Christina Vang, Teeko Yang and Oskar Ly at Oak Tree Arts, 809 Carlton St.

Biafra, Inc. at Bro-Tex, 800 North Hampden Ave.

Ewok at Tech Dump, 860 Vandalia St.

Martzia Thometz at the Universe Buildings, 670 Vandalia St.

Eric Garcia at E-Z Recycling, 875 North Prior Ave.

Sarah CR Clark lives in St. Anthony Park and is a regular Bugle contributor.

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