Cut corporate control of subsidized healthcare

Letter to the Editor

Dear readers:

Our state used to have corporate-free health care for Minnesotans who couldn’t pay all their medical bills. They deserve to regain such care.

Earlier this year, the Minnesota Legislature commissioned a study to report on plans to move state government towards eliminating private insurance corporations from controlling the health care of low-income Minnesotans.

Of course, everyone prefers to be free of corporate restrictions on health care. But to get there, let’s first start with policy makers reversing special privileges outsourced to corporations.

On Feb. 1, the legislative study was published, offering two recommended plans: One plan is clearly profit-centered, greatly favoring the corporations who now control the majority of patients in Medical Assistance and MnCare. The other plan is a more people-friendly version, funneling fewer dollars to corporations, and expands eligibility for more Minnesotans to enroll in MnCare.

To please the public’s demand for better healthcare access, legislators ought to fully embrace the plan which moves the state away from corporate control. I’ve seen the news from the federal investigation into care received by low-income patients under the control of corporations. It came out in mid-July, declaring those patients get worse treatment than those whom state governments grant the right to be free of corporate control.

I support the gradual movement by legislators to unfetter low-income patients from profiteers. And if legislators want to impress me most favorably, they’ll accomplish it quickly.

The federal investigation now gives them the facts about what is the moral, righteous policy.

Diane J. Peterson,
Como Park

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