Days of volunteer-led story time at St. Paul libraries ends

May I express my gratitude to my fellow St. Anthony Parkers for allowing me to work with your small children for the past decade at the St. Anthony Park Library?

Being a past elementary and secondary student, and a teacher and principal at St. Anthony Park School, I was looking for an opportunity to give back something in my retirement years to the library for the service received there throughout my life. The door was opened to me to serve as a story time volunteer for preschoolers, doing puppet shows and reading stories teamed with library workers.

During the past decade of programming, our team has averaged 40 to 50 patrons every Friday. This attendance has exceeded any other library in the city, I am told.

We will be ending our presentations in December, as library leaders have decided that volunteers should no longer be allowed to interact with children. Library professionals will assume the responsibility in the future, and I’m sure will do a good job.

I appreciate teaming with wonderful people in the past, including Rose, John, Carla, Susan and Deena. Our children have been served well.

Tom Foster, former principal of St. Anthony Park Elementary School

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