Diane supports the Bugle and here’s why

Diane Young, first a resident of St. Anthony Park and now of Falcon Heights, shares her thoughts on supporting the Bugle.

Why are you committed to living in this community? What makes it special?

Diane: We moved to St. Anthony Park from Ithaca, N.Y., in 1989. From the get-go, the vibe was special and welcoming. Our neighbors were friendly. Conversations were of substance. The neighborhood felt safe. SAP even had its own t-shirt back then. We had found our home in Minnesota.

Very importantly, SAP provided ways for newcomers like us to become involved in the community. By attending the monthly dinners of the St. Anthony Park Association, we met interesting people who became friends.

The association provided opportunities to participate in organizing community events. Some of these events have now taken on a life of their own like the Fourth of July celebration and parade, progressive dinner, a grants program and more. Sadly, the association no longer exists. But the events it generated do, a credit to the talented and committed individuals who live in The Park. SAP residents still invest time and have a passion for making SAP a special place to live.

In 1996, we moved to University Grove, but still in the SAP community and within walking distance to the charming commercial area. I’ve always said, that while our side of Hoyt is Falcon Heights and the other side is St. Paul, the squirrels don’t know the difference. And, what would I do without the Speedy Market?

How does the Bugle help to build a sense of community and connectedness?

Diane: The Park Bugle is the heart-and-soul of SAP. I read The Bugle from cover-to-cover: from the front page, to letters from readers, to the classifieds. It tells the stories of neighbors who are still active in the community or whose lives have been lived.

I trust the businesses advertising in The Bugle to be honest. I learn so much and keep each copy until next month’s issue arrives. It’s where I go to stay informed about community news.

Why do you donate to the Bugle?

Diane: Producing a quality community newspaper does not come cheaply. I believe in not-for-­profit news and stories. I enjoy reading about the neighborhood and community.

I choose to shop local, given the opportunity. The Bugle is my go-to place to find it all.

A donation to The Bugle annual appeal is a gift that keeps giving, worth every penny!

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