District 10 chair reflects on his two terms on the district council

 By Jon Knox, District 10 board chair

I took over as chair of District 10 in February 2010. Immediately, there were pressing organizational needs involving the staffing model and general operational health. I was fortunate to have a board full of members willing to step forward to help make difficult

Jon Knox

Jon Knox

decisions and take the steps needed to regain organizational stability and the trust of the community at large.

By the end of 2010, we instituted a new more efficient staffing model and completely updated our employee handbook, which brought it up to current standards. These efforts dominated my first calendar year as chair of District 10. However, with all of this going on I am proud to say we still had strong work being done by our committees, dealing with issues from permit parking to the developing situation at Lexington and Larpenteur avenues with MGM Liquor and Walgreen’s. The District 10 Environment Committee also stayed active during this transitional period.

What I learned during my first year with District 10 is that is it easy to underestimate the important role district councils have in our communities, and I think it is vital we recognize that and promote membership in the community councils as valuable volunteer work. I also learned to a new degree what individuals working as a team could accomplish.

I am blessed to have worked with many great volunteers and staff over my five years, but perhaps most blessed to have worked with Marcy Micek. Marcy served as the District 10 treasurer for four years. Marcy served her community with exuberance and vigor and yet in a quiet humble manner. Beyond a great volunteer for the Como neighborhood, Marcy was a great friend. Marcy Micek passed away on February 15, 2012. Marcy was the type of volunteer who helps define all that is good about district councils.

As my second full term and time as chair ends, I am thankful for the opportunity to have served District 10. I hope that in leaving my time is remembered for fostering mutual respect among individuals and community members. My takeaway will be the friends I made along the way and the laughs we have shared. I know that I leave District 10 in good hands, but make no mistake—I will be watching.

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