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District 12 committees discuss a variety of issues at their monthly meetings. Below are updates on recent topics and events. Visit the District 12 website at to learn more. Join the conversations by emailing for meeting links.

Land Use Committee update

This spring, the District 12 Land Use Committee discussed new and ongoing developments that expand housing, access to the arts and office space in the neighborhood. The committee also talked about measures to hold developers accountable to city ordinances.

Committee members are contacting other St. Paul districts along the light rail Green Line to find out more about what development goals and design standards our districts share and would like to see implemented along this vibrant, key city thoroughfare.

Equity Committee update

The Equity Committee heard a presentation in May from the Housing Equity Now St. Paul group regarding a proposal for rent stabilization. The committee is working on ways to get educated about and support affordable housing in our community.

The Equity Committee also hosted a community meal at Union Flats using Innovation Fund grant monies from the city. It hopes to host more dinners around District 12.

Finally, the committee has been working on goals and priorities for the rest of 2021 in a bid to make our community a warm and welcoming place for all people. District 12 residents are welcome to join in the discussion at the next Equity Committee meeting.

Environment Committee update

Environment Committee members are working on several projects this summer. They are actively assisting with the 100 Trees Initiative in south Saint Anthony Park, led by Ben Shardlow, board member of the Creative Enterprise Zone.

Several volunteers helped move gravel into one of the three beds and will be helping transplant trees. Volunteers are needed to help with the care and transplanting of these trees. See the District 12 website for more information.

Also, new basking logs installed in Kasota Ponds this winter are now hosting turtles and birds. Stop by the ponds to see the wildlife taking advantage of these logs on sunny days. Send your pictures to SAPCC to be in our newsletter!

Meanwhile, a public art sculpture that was funded by reconstruction of Como Avenue has been installed at the corner of Como and Carter avenues. It is called the Langstroth Kiosk, named after Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth, the father of American beekeeping.

District 12 opposes Highway 280 speed increase

Committee members collaborated on a draft resolution opposing a possible increase in the speed limit on Highway 280.

Members of the SAPCC Transportation Committee and Environment Committee are concerned that faster traffic will, among other things, increase noise on on-and-off ramps. Their resolution was approved unanimously by the District 12 Board of Directors at its May meeting.

At the Bugle’s press deadline, representatives from MnDOT were expected to attend the Transportation Committee’s June 29 meeting to answer questions about the speed limit proposal and listen to resident concerns. Neighbors from surrounding communities and members of other interested organizations and councils can contact the SAPCC office for meeting minutes or to offer further questions or concerns.

SAPCC July meetings

Equity Committee: 5:30 p.m., Monday, July 26

Land Use Committee: 7 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 5

Board Meeting: 7 p.m., Thursday, July 8

Transportation Committee: 7 p.m., Tuesday, July 27

Environment Committee: 7 p.m., Wednesday, July 28

All meetings are hosted via Zoom. Meeting times are subject to change. If you want to attend a meeting or have questions about joining a committee, please email Kathryn at for the link.

Submitted by Jessica Willman, District 10 and 12 community organizer.

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