Editorial: A feel-good story about human connections

and how one should never underestimate the value of community newspapers


Dear Editor: My son and I met a lovely family from Minnesota visiting Colorado while we were all hiking, and we gave them a ride back to their car. When we got home, we discovered their camera had been left in our car.

There is a picture on their camera of their daughter running a race, which has led me to you! The Internet is an amazing—and terrifying—place. In your story of the Como Park High School cross-country team is a picture of the daughter, age 13. (I only know her age because I asked. But we never asked their names.) She is the third from the left, second row.  


That’s the start of an email the Bugle received on Aug. 20 from Cherie Glazner of Windsor, Co. As Glazner mentioned, she and her son met a Minnesota family on a hike at Gray’s Peak, near Idaho Springs.

That family is Tara Lundborg and Marcus Landrum and their daughter, Sayler Landrum, who is the cross-country runner Glazner spotted on the camera that was left in her car. Lundborg and family were in Colorado celebrating her 46th birthday with a few hikes and a plan to catch the solar eclipse on Aug. 21. The story actually began about 5:30 a.m. the day they met Glazner. They started their hike about 3 miles before the trailhead because there was no place to park close to it. As they hiked in the early-morning darkness, a van pulled over and offered them a ride to the trail. Turns out, Glazner was celebrating her 56th birthday with a rigorous hike.

Lundborg and family hiked for eight-and-half hours that day, she said. “We did two 14,000-foot peaks,” and when they got back to the road to get to their car, they ran into Glazner and her son again. They accepted a ride back to their car, and that’s when Lundborg’s camera fell out of her backpack and onto the floor of the Glazner van.

The families never exchanged names, Glazner said, but a little sleuthing on Glazner’s part had her matching a photo on the camera of the Como Park Senior High School runners with a photo on the Bugle website that went with a story written by Eric Erickson, a history teacher at the school and the Bugle’s Como and Murray Middle School sports reporter. Erickson put the two families in touch and the camera is now back in St. Paul.

And as Glazner said in an email: “It’s a pretty good feel-good story.”


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