Editorial: Bugle survey reveals many strengths, as well as weaknesses

Thanks to the 377 Bugle readers who completed our survey in February, we learned a lot about our readers and their thoughts on how the Bugle can continue to be a community-building resource in Como Park, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale and St. Anthony Park.

We learned that 86 percent of the respondents are between 25 and 75; 29 percent are between the ages of 25 and 54. Seventy-seven percent have lived in the Bugle distribution area for more than 10 years.

Seventy-eight percent say the advertisements in the Bugle help them decide where to shop for goods and services.

An overwhelming number of survey comments were positive. Many people love the Bugle. They like reading Roger Bergerson’s history column and Mary Mergenthal’s work in posting the obituaries of area people. Readers appreciate stories on local people and businesses. “This is my favorite local paper! You have the right mix of current events and historical views,” said one reader.

But comments also revealed there is plenty of room for improvement: One St. Anthony Park reader says the Bugle does not cover enough development news or stories on how the city of St. Paul is affecting everyday life in the neighborhood.

Another reader wants to see more coverage of people and businesses that are owned and serve “people of color, LGBTIA, disabled, etc.” That commenter also wants more coverage on “public health and safety issues that affect the less affluent parts of the communities.” Another reader wants more profiles on “a day in the life of regular people.”

We welcome input from our readers anytime. If you have story ideas about people or community initiatives you want to see covered, let us know. Send an email to editor@parkbugle.org.

Many survey respondents put their names into a drawing for a $50 Tim and Tom’s Speedy Market gift card. The winners of that drawing are Nina Samuels and Earl Schwartz of Falcon Heights. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to the survey.

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