Editorial: Changing seasons, new beginnings

By Scott Carlson

Dear Park Bugle readers,

As this issue of our community newspaper goes to press, I am reminded of how much September is a month of changes, big and small. A transition of seasons, from summer to fall. Of goings and comings. Of new beginnings. Summer vacation is over and students are back to classes, with the new school year less than 2 weeks old. Here at the Bugle, we are going through big change, too.

Bugle managing editor Kristal Leebrick has left the paper for new pursuits after admirably carrying out her duties with great professionalism, skill and devotion to the Park Bugle community during her eight-year stint. And now, effective Sept. 4, I started work as your new managing editor.

Gulp. I have some big shoes to fill. With time and your help, I look to serve you, the readers, with equal care and competence.

One very sad note: Longtime journalist and chronicler of the St. Anthony Park, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale and Como Park neighborhoods for the Bugle, Roger Bergerson has passed away. I regret that I will not get the pleasure of working with Roger or reading future history stories. Please see Dave Healy’s story on Roger and his career and life.

In the months ahead, I will be learning the ropes at the Bugle and delving into the nooks and crannies of our coverage area. That means I plan to start meeting lots of people in the community. You can expect us to continue providing you with a wide array of neighborhood news.

Over time, I expect you will see a few new wrinkles here and there. In particular, I will be looking to see what more we can do with our website and Facebook page. But at this point, I will refrain from articulating specifics until I have a better view of the landscape.

What you can expect is my best efforts to continue the fine work of the Bugle, which is now 45 years old.

Meanwhile, keep watch on those ducks and geese. My wife Betsy has noticed they are spending time these days making practice runs for the time when they high-tail it out of town.

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