Editorial: Hats off to our retiring board members

Hats off to Grant Abbott, John Landree and Glen Skovholt.

It’s worth reminding our readers that the Park Bugle is a nonprofit newspaper published by Park Press Inc., a board of volunteers from the communities we serve. Board members generally commit to three-year terms and serve on various committees that oversee the operations of the paper. Three longtime members are stepping down. Each of them served two three-year terms on the board.

Grant Abbott, John Landree and Glen Skovholt were celebrated at the board’s annual meeting in July and honored with official Bugle newspaper hats.

Skovholt just finished two terms with the Bugle but actually has served a total of 18 years over the last 40 years. His dad, Joseph Skovholt, was one of the founding members of Park Press. The Bugle began publishing in 1974 and became a nonprofit newspaper a year later, when Andrew Boss, Gerald McKay and Joseph Skovholt signed the articles of incorporation that brought Park Press Inc. into being. We will miss Glen’s institutional knowledge.

Speaking of institutional knowledge, Park Press welcomes back Steve Plagens, a longtime resident of St. Anthony Park who served on the Bugle’s board in the past. Plagens has extensive experience in advertising and sales (and his daughter, Genevieve Plagens, served as an advertising representative for the Bugle for several years).

We also welcome new board members Joey McGarvey and Beth Maddock Magistad. McGarvey is originally from Northern California. She moved to St. Anthony Park from New York City, where she was an editor at Random House for eight years. She is now an editor at Milkweed Publishing in Minneapolis. She says she found the Bugle to be a valuable resource as a newcomer to the community.

Maddock Magistad teaches a variety of undergraduate courses at the University of Minnesota, including Aging Families Family Policy, Parent-Child Relationships and Family Resource Management in the Department of Family Social Science in the College of Education and Human Development. She lives in St. Anthony Park.

This paper owes its longevity to the dozens of volunteers who have governed the operations of the Bugle since its inception. Thank you, Grant, John and Glen for your years of service, and welcome to our new board members.

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