Editorial: Looking for your Bugle?

We received a few calls in late January from readers who didn’t get their Bugles the third week of January. That’s because the Bugle wasn’t delivered until the last week of the month. Again, in February, the Bugle was delivered at the end of the month.

The Bugle contracts with a delivery service that also delivers a number of other community newspapers in St. Paul and Minneapolis, and in an effort to work with those other papers’ schedules, we have an inconsistent delivery schedule this year. Most of the subsequent issues will come out the third week of the month, until we get to October. That issue will come out on Halloween.

If you’re curious as to when the Bugle will hit the streets through December, here are the dates:

April issue, March 21

May issue, April 18

June issue, May 23

July issue, June 20

August issue, July 18

September issue, Aug. 22

October issue, Sept. 19

November issue, Oct. 31

December issue, Nov. 21

January 2018, Dec. 19

You can also see the deadline and publication dates for the upcoming issue at Submission and Publication Dates. These are the deadlines for submissions and advertising space reservations and the dates the Bugle will hit the streets.

If you have delivery issues, please email editor@parkbugle.org or call 651-646-5369 and we will do our best to take care of those issues.

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