Editorial: This, that and the other thing


As we were heading to press last week, we learned that the building that houses the U.S. Post Service’s Como Station at 2286 Como Ave. in St. Anthony Park was up for sale. That bit of news came as a surprise to the post office itself, according to Postal Service employee Annette Edeburn. The Postal Service has rented the building since 1970 and does not own it.

Lorraine McCann and her late husband, Harold, bought the building in 1955. Harold ran it as a Phillips station and garage, known as State Wide Engine Rebuilding. That business went hand-in-hand with McCann’s love of stock car racing. He won the 1961 State Fair Minnesota Classic in a ’61 Ford.

McCann had offered the building for sale in 1996. It was for sale for two years before it went off the market. At that time, the building was assessed at a market value of $156,000.

Cory Kingbay, the realtor representing Lorraine McCann, said the property is listed for sale at $799,900.

Como Station is a busy hub in the neighborhood and a convenient station for many in the area. Let’s hope that whoever buys the building will keep renting it to the U.S. Postal Service.

Welcome to the Bugle’s new board members

September brings changes to Park Press, the nonprofit board of directors that publishes the Park Bugle. Four board members who spent the last three to six years lending their expertise in helping navigate the Bugle through some

tough economic times have ended their terms. Nancy Olsen, Mark Johanson, Nate Flink and Bruno Bornsztein: Thank you for your time and immense talents.

We have three new board members taking the helm this month. They are P.J. Pofahl, Betsy Currie and Molly MacGregor. This paper owes its longevity to the dozens of volunteers who have governed the operations of the Bugle since its inception in 1974. Welcome to our new board members.

And speaking of longevity

The Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation marks its 15th year in September, and you can read all about it here. The foundation is directly responsible for helping launch, sustain and bolster a number of initiatives and institutions in the neighborhood. From the environmental education programs at Murray Middle and St. Anthony Park Elementary schools and the elementary school’s artist residency program to St. Anthony Park Area Seniors (the former block nurse program) to the Schubert Club’s Music in the Park Series to the Park Bugle, the foundation has lent a hand and strengthened the bonds in the neighborhood.

To the many volunteer board members who have served the foundation over the last 15 years and to Jon Schumacher, the executive director extraordinaire, well done!


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