Adam Granger (and Friends!) in Concert
19:30 to 21:30

Adam will play acoustic guitar in a rare neighborhood concert (this is his fourth ever), and will be joined on stage by musician-friends Debbie Cushman, Dawn Tanner, Greg Lee and Elizabeth Ghandour. Hosted in the sanctuary of the Saint Anthony Park United Church of Christ, which has long been home to the Shubert Club’s Music in the Park Series, come hear Adam’s virtuosity in this intimate and acoustically rich venue.

The concert is Pay-What-You-Can, with a recommended donation of $15. Proceeds from the sale of baked goods at intermission will help support SAPUCC’s mission trip to Back Bay Mission in Biloxi this winter.

Adam Granger has been a performer for 55 years, and is a thirty-year resident of St. Anthony Park. In 1975, he joined The Powdermilk Biscuit Band, the first house band for A Prairie Home Companion, and has since appeared on the show 165 times (and in the eponymous movie). Adam has recorded 16 albums and performed in 25 countries, and has written hundreds of comedy pieces for A Prairie Home Companion, National Lampoon Magazine, Recycled Greeting Cards, The Cedar Social and — nearest and dearest to him — The Park Bugle.