Big Red’s Rockin Recovery: A benefit concert to help Chloe Derby
14:00 to 17:00

One of our very own team members and artists, Chloe Derby, broke her ankle this last April from slipping in the snow. OUCH! Chloe underwent surgery and was a recipient of a metal plate and 12 screws. Some of the bone was pulverized so the healing process has been lengthy. She is now currently in physical therapy.

Luckily, insurance has been able to cover the majority of the medical expenses including the knee scooter and wheel chair rental. However, Chloe has 3 jobs that required her to be on her feet. Since Chloe cannot bare weight on her left ankle, she was unable to return to work full time these past few months.

100% of the proceeds from this benefit will go to Chloe Derby to help cover bills from living expenses.

Enjoy some great music, and contribute what you can to help Chloe!

Jezebel Jones (30 min set) 1st act
Death Folk Music
Jezebel Jones is an emerging artist who spins her roots—lots of Pentecostal church-going, traveling and human observation—into modern folk stories; tales of lecherous preachers, drunk & disorderly guitar players and untimely deaths.

The Dubious Brothers (30 min set) 2nd act
David Biljan and John Eller
Cover Band with piano and vocals. Reputation is the Piano sing along bar at Nyes, Rock for Pussy (Bowie covers).

Chris Mulkey (1 hour set) Headliner
As a long time Hollywood actor and proud ASCAP member, he has sold several songs to movies and television.
Chris has the Mississippi River in his blue veins, railroad wheels in his heart, and believes we are one in the groove.

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