Infused Restorative Yoga
03:00 to 05:59

In this practice we do 6-7 poses that are gentle and relaxing. Each pose is supported with props and blankets and there are many ways to make the position work for all body types. In between we do some slow movements to loosen up the spine and the rest of the body. The infused part comes from the offering of therapeutic essential oils that are specifically chosen to go along with each pose. The drop or two of the blend is given in your hand and then you apply the oil to your body—–back of the neck, wrist, feet, over the heart——each oil you will be encouraged to apply in a certain area for maximum benefits.

The result is a really wonderful sequence of easy poses infused with essential oils and blends that further enhance the experience and the end result of deep nourishing relaxation.

We have the props and mats at the studio. You are welcome to bring a journal or notebook in case you want to jot down notes about the poses, oils or insights you have during the practice. Bring a glass or metal jar of water if you want to experience some infused water during your practice to support your journey!

Cost // $35