May Mosaic
11:00 to 14:00

Exchange your excess seeds, plant starts and perennials for something new to you and your garden.
Here’s the Dirt:
Learn the mosaic of soil health for you and your garden.
Bring your garden challenges and queries for garden educators to answer.
Share your green thumb and seed stories with your neighbors.
Create seed packet art and enter it in our seed packet design contest.
Bumble Bees, Wasps and Birds Oh My; Invite these beneficial companions to your garden for a larger harvest for all.
Enter to win a Seed Saving Basics Kit Door Prize (must be present to win)
Plants: Bring healthy, pest-free perennials and annuals. Please try to package them individually, with labels that include their name/variety and any appropriate growing or planting information. If you’re sharing something that was shared with you, feel free to include the story.
Seeds: Share commercially grown seed in it’s original packaging (preferably heirloom, organic, and untreated seeds) or saved seeds labeled with as much information as possible — including seed type, common name/variety, grower’s name, what year it was grown, if organic, and any other pertinent growing information and seed story. Was it your grandmother’s favorite? Did you get the seed from a neighbor? While traveling?
We’ll have helpful demonstrations and other information that will build your gardener’s toolbox of skills plus your seed-saving resources.
All participants will leave with something so share what you can even if its just your great gardening story.
Do you love to share your gardening stories and green thumb with others? Volunteer here for the May Mosaic Plant and Seed Exchange; get a preview of what’s available and receive a special “Thank You” gift from CCSL.
And More….And It’s Free!!