New Locals with Twin Lakes & Plastered Rabbit
09:30 to 12:30
From 23-06-18 to 24-06-18

New Locals
New Locals is an emerging indie rock group based out of the Twin Cities. Stacked with a variety of original songs, this show will have a little something for everyone. Get ready for a high energy performance from these talented young musicians! Their debut EP, Dreams, is set to release this summer.

Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes is folk rock with dark subject matter, catchy melodies, deep grooves, and lush harmonies. Intricate guitar parts interweave with funky bass lines, pocket drums, and lilting vocal melodies. We primarily play groove oriented, folk rock with a mix of covers ranging from classic hits to newer pop.

Plastered Rabbit
Plastered Rabbit is a new five piece rock band from Minneapolis.

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