Read Brave: Community Connections w/Cocoa and Cider
03:00 to 05:59

Come meet and learn more about local organizations involved in Community Care.

Cocoa and cider will be available. From 3-5 in the Saint Anthony Park Library Auditorium on the Lower Level.

Thursday\\\’s Organizations are the Saint Anthony Park Community Council , St. Anthony Park Area Seniors, and the Saint Anthony Park Branch Library Association (SAPBLA). Saint Anthony Park Community Council is where residents and businesses come together on vital neighborhood interests that enhance the quality of life, strengthen the character and vitality of the community, and ensure the effectiveness of government. St. Anthony Park Area Seniors strengthens our community by providing a program of services to seniors focusing on wellness activities, at home living assistance, nursing care, and caregiver support. Saint Anthony Park Branch Library Association is a volunteer group who supports and enhances the Saint Anthony Park Library\\\’s collections, programs and services, buildings and grounds through fundraising efforts including the Saint Anthony Park Arts Festival. https://sppl.bibliocommons.com/events/search/fq=program:(5a6111fa492cad3f0073fb5b)/event/6202bc9013e56b37002f58e0