William Kent Krueger – Reading and Signing – ‘Lightning Strike’ – A Powerful Prequel to his Cork O’Connor series.
18:00 to 19:30

Monday, September 20th – 6:00 p.m.
Exclusive Limited Space Event
William Kent Krueger
Reading and Signing
‘Lightning Strike’
A powerful prequel to his acclaimed Cork O’Connor series.

Ticket required for entry.

Pre-registration is required for this event. Your ticket into the event is the pre-purchase of his book, ‘Lightning Strike’. Please stop in at Winding Trail Books, www.windingtrailbooks.com or contact the store at windingtrailbooks@gmail.com or
You will receive your ticket once you have reserved your spot.
Your purchased book will be handed out at the event.

The event will be held at:
Nico’s Tacos on Como in the Party Room. 2260 Como Ave, St Paul, MN 55108. https://www.nicostacobar.com/

Food and Beverages will be available for you to purchase if you choose to.