Falcon Heights plans street work for 2021

By Anne Holzman

Four years after its last major round of street work, Falcon Heights is gearing up to improve utilities, repave streets, replace damaged curbs and address a persistent drainage issue on a Lindig Street cul-de-sac.

Construction is proposed for summer 2021 with the cost at slightly more than $1 million to be covered by a combination of state aid (an allocation to the city from state gas tax revenues), assessments to adjacent properties and the city’s street and stormwater utility funds.

The city scheduled a public hearing on the 2021 Pavement Management Project for Oct. 28, too late to be included in this news report for the November Bugle.

City Administrator Sack Thongvanh said the project is part of the city’s ongoing pavement management program, which has not undertaken any major work since 2017.

Under the proposal received by the City Council in August, the eastern service drive along Snelling Avenue will be dug up and repaved along with spot repairs to curbs and storm sewers. On most other streets, a simpler mill and overlay is needed. Curb ramps will be upgraded and sidewalks repaired within the project areas.

The engineers are proposing a “neighborhood approach” to construction schedules in order to minimize traffic disruption.

Persistent flooding on Lindig Street has prompted a plan to install a shallow retention pond on city right-of-way, Thongvanh said. Engineers also propose adding two stormwater inlets on that stretch of street, he said.

Pavement discussions last winter included sidewalk upgrades near Falcon Heights Elementary School, Thongvanh said, but the rough weather put those on the back burner.

Anne Holzman is a regular freelance writer covering Falcon Heights and Lauderdale for the Bugle.

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