From the Desk of the Editor

By Scott Carlson

Looking for the silver lining

During November, our nation celebrates Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday when millions of Americans gather around dinner tables to partake in festive meals and enjoy the fellowship of family and friends.

We are reminded this is a time to count our blessings.

And yet, Thanksgiving observances are coming amidst the backdrop of a lot of terrible news: Mass gun shootings. The barbaric war in the Ukraine. Millions of people in Florida left destitute from Hurricane Ian.

And then there is the never ending, drip-drip-drip of U.S. political polarization that seems to be eroding our democracy.

Yes, there is much to be sad about, upset about and perhaps despairing about.

And while there is bad news in our local midst, I choose to believe that all is not bad, all is not lost, all is not hopeless. There is also much to celebrate.

This issue of the Bugle is a cornucopia of interesting and newsy stories. Life can be beautiful and joyful: A new baby zebra is born at Como Zoo, a new retailer opens her shop in St. Anthony Park’s Milton Square and the Como High School girls volleyball team is conference co-champions. A Boy Scout is earning his Eagle Scout rank by cleaning up an outdoor area at Murray Middle School where he previously attended.

Our cornucopia of Bugle stories this month also includes our stellar stories from, among others, Transition Town, the District 10 and 12 community councils, Falcon Heights reporter Anne Holzman, sportswriter Eric Erickson and feature chronicler Sarah CR Clark. We also have strong contributions from Janet Wight and Jenni Wolf.

This Thanksgiving month reminds me of the wonderful generosity of our Bugle community in supporting this newspaper and all of our operations. As they say, it takes a village to support a child. And by analogy, it takes a community-wide readership to keep the Bugle vibrant and strong.

Less than two months into our 2022-23 fall fundraiser, we already have more than 100 individual donors to the Bugle. You can see a list of our latest contributors in this issue of the Bugle.

Their financial support and that of many other individuals and businesses help keep the Bugle a key player that builds community by telling stories and sharing local, community-connecting news and information. On page 6 of this issue, you can find out how to be a Bugle supporter.

As we gather around dinner tables later this month to celebrate Thanksgiving, the Bugle board and staff thank all of you for your continuing support and wish you a blessed holiday. 

Scott Carlson is managing editor of the Bugle.

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