From the Desk of the Editor

By Scott Carlson

A changing of our graphics guard

With the April issue of the Bugle, we will welcome Eddie Hofmeister as our new graphics and page designer.

Eddie, a native of New Ulm, succeeds Wendy Holdman, who is leaving to pursue other endeavors.

During her two-and- a-half year stint with the Bugle, Wendy did a yeoman’s job carrying out the page design each month of the newspaper.

Now, effective with our April edition, Eddie will take the reins of the Bugle’s page design, sure to leave her imprint on our news­paper, as well.

Eddie, a graduate in graphic design from Minnesota State University-­Moorhead, is the owner of Minneapolis-based Hofmeister Design.

“I have basically been running my ‘own gig’ ever since I left college,” Eddie said. “My first job offers were long term freelancing gigs from design studios and ad agencies here in Minneapolis.

“These jobs let me see how different studios/agencies worked, and allowed to me to learn and gain experience,” she continued. “I also supported myself doing long term freelance projects for a one year move out to San Francisco.

“When I returned back to Minneapolis I was able to find enough independent work to support myself and thus started Hofmeister Design,” Eddie said. “What I love about working ‘independently’ is that it really means working collaboratively.”

Asked what she likes about graphic design, Eddie said,

‘’I love the craftsmanship of the being a designer . . . typography, color grids, use of space etc. I am a type geek!

“Also, I think designers are natural problem-solvers. Every project is a problem, or a challenge, helping other people understand something. I love solving those problems.”

When she is not working, Eddie said her life is centered on her family. She also enjoys reading and travel.

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