By Scott Carlson

COVID-19 coverage continues

As the COVID-19 crisis drags on, the Bugle is continuing to devote a significant amount of our editorial copy looking at how the pandemic is affecting all walks of life.

In this issue we chronicle the cancellation of this year’s Fourth of July parade, how our local nursing homes are faring with the coronavirus and what all of this means to high school seniors who have forfeited competitive sports and are missing their traditional commencement.

With the last item in mind, the Bugle will be honoring high school graduates with special “Congratulation Grads” announcements in our July issue. The deadline to submit congratulatory ads is June 10 and full details can be found on page 6 of this issue of the Bugle.

Hooray Sunrise Banks!

A big shout out to Sunrise Banks for helping our Bugle team, led by board member Liz Danielson, apply for and receive a federal Payroll Protection Program grant. This grant will pay for our payroll for a couple a months during the toughest economic stretch of the pandemic and the state’s stay-at-home order.

As our June issue goes to press, we expect that it is going to take time for our community to bounce back from this economic disruption. To that end, please patronize our local restaurants and other businesses to the extent that you are able. For further information, go the Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation’s website and click on to this link: https://www

Bugle fundraising update

The Bugle’s goal for 2019-20 is $52,000; as of May 15, we have received $49,700.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed. And for those who have not made a donation, it is still not too late as we close our current fiscal year at the end of this month. Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated and plays a major role in keeping the Bugle strong and able to continue operating.

You can make an online donation at Click the green DONATE NOW button on the home page and scroll down. Or send a check to Park Bugle, P.O. Box 8126, St. Paul, MN 55108.

And now here is a list of our latest contributors: Haley Anderson, Anonymous, Mary Boyd-Brent, Robert Delmas & Roseanne Gregoire, Sharon Dzik, Bjorn & Britt Gangeness, Valetta Gyurci, Erik Haugo, Don & Sandy Henry, Naomi Jackson, Rosemary Jennings, Chris Kwong, Becki Lonnquist, Stewart & Kathleen McIntosh, Deena Strohman, Katharine Tropman, Jay Weiner & Ann Juergens, Mary Zorn.

New Bugle board members

We are happy to report our Bugle board of directors has three new members. They are: Barb Hawes. Kristin (Dragseth) Wiersma and Rosann Cahill.

Barb and her husband recently moved to south St. Anthony Park after living in southwest Minnesota for the past 20 years. At press time, she was exploring career opportunities in data science. “I enjoy book arts and studying languages as well as learning new crafts,” Barb says.

Kristin is a life-long resident of St. Anthony Park and a consultant with a national consulting firm, working in strategic planning, change, leadership development, fundraising and communication. She is married to Hans Wiersma and has four children, ages 16 to 25. Her claim to fame? Kristin was featured in an article in the Bugle in the late 1970s about her long hair.

Rosann has a background in digital product management, serving in education and more recently the news media. She moved to the Bugle area in 2016 and says she appreciates the role the Park Bugle plays in developing our community. “My hope is to help make sure the Park Bugle remains the valued community resource that it is today,” she says.

Upcoming Bugle deadlines

Here is a reminder on our Bugle deadlines for the next three issues. As always, we greatly appreciate when writers and readers submit their articles early. Aside from breaking news, most articles can be submitted ahead of the scheduled deadline.

And again, our publication dates represent when the newspapers go out for delivery. Distribution of the paper should occur over the next two to six business days. Meanwhile, bulk drop-offs of the paper around town could be slightly delayed because our distributor is taking steps to ensure their delivery people are safe during the coronavirus challenge.

IssueCopy & Ad DeadlinePublication
JulyJune 17June 30
AugustJuly 15July 28
SeptemberAugust 12August 25

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