By Scott Carlson

When COVID-19 hits home

As of mid-June, nearly 120,000 Americans have died of the coronavirus.

On May 18, my mother Joan became one of those COVID-19 statistics.

It was a sad end for Mom, who turned 90 earlier this year and had dreamed of possibly reaching age 100. She had all the spirit, grit and mental clarity that made me think anything was possible.

But already suffering from respiratory trouble prior to testing positive for COVID, Mom’s longevity goal was far out of reach. After initially testing negative for the coronavirus in early May, a second test revealed she was infected. That news felt like a punch to my gut.

A couple days later, Mom was taken from her nursing home to the hospital in St. Paul.

For three or four days, she and her body fought valiantly to survive. But late afternoon on May 18 Mom passed away.

I know no one lives forever. But Mom’s end was cruel. No family or friends at her bedside. Only the blessing of virtual meetings allowed me to see her at the very end. Two compassionate nurses were at my Mom’s bedside when she took her last breath.

My Mother was a kind, gentle and compassionate women, who loved life, enjoying some of the smallest pleasures in life. During her life Joan wore many hats: wife, mother, grandmother, honors college graduate, a Sunday school teacher, bird bander, nature guide, amateur poet and painter. I loved her deeply and you would have too.

In the wake of George Floyd

One week after my Mom died, George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. His senseless death has shocked the nation and the world.

In this issue we have stories that touch on the George Floyd incident and how it has and is affecting people in the St. Anthony Park area. Among the stories is a lengthy reaction piece from journalist/writer Maja Beckstrom. There are also stories from freelancers Anne Holzman and Sarah CR Clark and commentaries from Michael Kleber-Diggs and Matthew Young. We look to continue these kinds of conversations in future issues of the Bugle.

Bugle fundraising update

The Bugle’s goal for 2019-20 is $52,000; as of June 19, we have received $50,191 in contributions.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed as we close out our 2019-20 fiscal year. All of your donations, large and small, are very much appreciated and are helping to keep the Bugle strong and vibrant.

And now here is a list of our latest contributors: Haley Anderson, Mary Boyd-Brent, Bjorn and Britt Gangeness, Erik Haugo, Rosemary Jennings, Ellen McEvoy, Annemarie Solon, Glennys Thormodsgaard, Jay Weiner and Anne Juergens and Mary Zorn.

Upcoming Bugle deadlines

Here is a reminder on our Bugle deadlines for the next three issues. As always, we greatly appreciate when writers and readers submit their articles early. Aside from breaking news, most articles can be submitted ahead of the scheduled deadlines.

And again, our publication dates represent when the newspapers go out for delivery. Distribution of the paper should occur over the next two to six business days. Meanwhile, bulk drop-offs of the paper around town could be slightly delayed because our distributor is taking steps to ensure their delivery people are safe during the coronavirus challenge.

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