From the Desk of the Editor

By Scott Carlson

COVID-19 business update, new Como Park High principal

As COVID-19 grinds on, infecting millions of Americans and causing more than 140,000 U.S. deaths at press time, the Bugle is continuing to chronicle how the pandemic is affecting businesses in our local community.

In this issue, journalist/writer Maja Beckstrom gives readers an inside look on how some businesses are faring well, but many others are hanging on for dear life. Now, more than ever, our community merchants desperately need your support. With so much to report, we intend to post additional stories on our website and Facebook that we can’t squeeze onto the pages of our print edition.

Meanwhile, regular life—and news—go on. This month, we note the arrival of Kirk Morris as the new principal for Como Park Senior High School. Please see Eric Erickson’s story for a bit of background on Morris. We wish him the best of luck in his new assignment, especially with big challenges ahead due to the continuing Covid crisis.

Outgoing Bugle board members

As the Park Bugle moves into its 2020-2021 fiscal year, we say “Thank you and good luck” to three people leaving our board of directors. They are Betsy Currie, Dan Nordley and Matt Vierling.

Betsy and Matt just ended their second three-year terms on the board while Dan is leaving us after serving as one of our directors for about a year. They all have made valuable contributions in helping maintain and steer the Bugle on to continuing success.

Overflow copy

Due to a space shortage, the Ask the librarian column and a Falcon Heights story on noise are not in our print edition. Look for them on our website,

Upcoming Bugle deadlines Here is a reminder of our Bugle deadlines for the next three issues. As always, we greatly appreciate when writers and readers submit their articles early. Aside from breaking news, most articles can be submitted ahead of the scheduled deadlines.

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