By Scott Carlson

Coping with COVID

Welcome to 2021! It promises to be a year of change and lots of news.

The subject that continues to dominate our lives and the news is the COVID-19 pandemic. In this issue we have news stories dealing with the impact of the pandemic on our businesses, senior citizens and nursing homes, student athletes and pets. In fact, there is so much COVID news that we don’t have room for all of it in this issue.

In the months ahead, we will continue to birddog this subject as our nation presses forward with rolling out flu vaccines from vari­ous pharmaceutical companies.

In other news, Como Park High School social studies teacher Eric Erickson, a regular contributor to the Bugle, offers a personal reflection on how he and his students processed the events of Jan. 6 when the U.S. Capitol came under siege by rioters.

On a lighter note, we had our first reader contribution to our new Bugle online feature called Park Photo Galleries on our website The photo accompanies this article.

We invite readers to send us interesting photos of community activities or other happenings in your neighborhood. Send photo submissions to with the tagline “Photo Gallery.” We will then curate and post photos to our website.

Upcoming Bugle deadlines

Here is a reminder of our Bugle deadlines for the next three issues. As always, we appreciate when writers and readers submit their articles early. Aside from breaking news, most articles can be submitted ahead of the scheduled deadlines.

Please note our publication dates represent when the newspapers go out for delivery. Mail distribution of the paper may take up to several business days because of recent problems with U.S. Postal Service deliveries. Meanwhile, bulk drop-offs of the paper around town are completed in two to three days after publication.

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