By Scott Carlson

Light at the end of the tunnel

By the time this issue of the Bugle hits your mailbox or shows up around town at various bulk distribution sites, I will have received my second coronavirus vaccine.

Frankly, I sometimes doubted whether this day was ever going to come. Not just for myself but for our nation, as a whole, as we longingly look forward to returning to a more “normal life.”

At various times during the past year, the situation was overwhelmingly dire. Millions of people infected, millions more people dead from this scourge. Hospitals at or beyond the breaking point from caring for sick and dying patients. First responders under siege. Families and friends often at odds on how to respond to the pandemic.

I hope that all of you have or will be able to soon get the vaccine be it Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. What our doctors, medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies accomplished in coming up with vaccines in such a brief period of time is nothing short of miraculous.

And if you have gotten vaccinated, you are among those blessed to have made it to this point, who have escaped serious illness and, in the worst case scenario, the Covid Grim Reaper.

In this issue of the Bugle, freelance writer Cigale Ahlquist reports on the toll that Covid-19 has taken on senior citizens at two of our local nursing homes, Lyngblomsten and Saint Anthony Park Home. Her story has special meaning to me: My mother Joan, a resident at Lyngblomsten Care Center, succumbed to COVID-19 last May.

Now, I look forward to our country opening up again, with opportunities for people to gather at restaurants, offices, ballparks and so many other venues that made up our old way of life.

That said, however, there will be plenty of scars that will never fully heal.

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