From the Desk of the Editor

By Scott Carlson

A cornucopia of stories, blessings

This issue of the Bugle is overflowing with a cornucopia of interesting and newsy stories. And that seems appropriate given that November is the month when we observe Thanksgiving and acknowledge all the blessings that are bestowed on our nation.

Among our more than 20 Bugle stories this month are reports on the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation’s hiring a new executive director, the imminent retirement of the longtime director at The Good Acre food hub and reflections in our “Voices” column from a retiring theology professor at United Theological Seminary.

We also have, among other things, Clay Christensen’s Birdman of Lauderdale column, a commentary on racial equity from Jane Leonard of the nonprofit Growth and Justice and a “Blue Zones” report from John Horchner.

But oh, our news budget is also overflowing with yet more: poetry lover Krista Nelson reviews a new collection of poetry from SAP resident Ted Bowman who writes about grief and severe loss.

We also have our usual stellar stories from Transition Town, the District 10 and 12 community councils, Falcon Heights and Lauderdale reporter Anne Holzman, sportswriter Eric Erickson and feature chronicler Sarah CR Clark.

Of particular note is Sarah’s story on the big yard sale that SAP residents Grant Abbott and his wife Elaine Tarone held in late September with all the sale proceeds going to support the general operations of the Bugle. Altogether, the couple donated nearly $2,000 to the Bugle.

Their very generous donation reminds me that the Bugle relies on generous community support to keep the newspaper operations vibrant and strong. Just a little over four months into our 2021-22 fiscal year, we already have more than 200 individual donors to the Bugle and several business contributors.

This financial support that helps keep the Bugle a key player that builds community by telling stories and sharing local, community-connecting news and information. That’s especially true given the challenges we have faced in weathering the impact of the Covid pandemic during 2020-21. On page 5 of this issue, you can find out how to be a Bugle supporter. As we gather around dinner tables later this month to celebrate Thanksgiving, the Bugle board and staff thank all of you for your continuing support.

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