From the desk of the editor

By Scott Carlson

Sharing gems

Each edition of the Bugle is an opportunity to paint a tapestry of interesting stories on the blank pages of our newspaper.

We think our February issue presents readers with a pretty vibrant mix of stories. Consider our lineup:

On page 1, we chronicle unique honors for a staffer from St. Anthony Park Elementary School. Freelance writer Sarah CR Clark reports that Errol J. Edwards, licensed school counselor at SAP Elementary School, was recently named Minnesota’s Elementary School Counselor of the Year for 2024.

Sarah writes about why Edwards is so special and the role that good counselors play in helping students through school.

Ever wonder what that business is in Lauderdale off of Larpenteur Avenue and Eustis St. that’s a beehive of activity for semis and flatbed trucks? Bugle freelancer Anne Holzman tells us in her business profile on the Corval Group, a large-scale manufacturer of various pipes and materials for large buildings.

Who knew Corval’s roots date back to 1921 and it’s a privately held company whose annual revenue is more than $125 million?

Our journalistic smorgasbord also includes: a look at the cheerleading team at Como Park Senior High School, an update from Minnesota’s largest food hub—The Good Acre—and a reader’s commentary on what everyone could do to dramatically ease the world’s climate crisis.

Also noteworthy is freelance writer Kathy Henderson’s compelling story on how Como Park resident Raymond Wilson teamed with Bruce Richardson, of St. Louis Park, to write about their experiences serving the U.S. during the Vietnam War. Their new book is called “Brothers” and it’s worth checking out Kathy’s story.

We hope there are plenty of interesting stories to please your reading palate.

Bugle is award winning

We are pleased to report the Bugle has won awards in a number of categories in the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s latest annual Better Newspaper Contest.

The association informed us in early January that the Bugle was a winner in advertising excellence, general news excellence, self-promotion or house ad and typography and design.

We expected to learn what work earned awards and in what places at the MNA’s Feb. 1 awards banquet. Individual honorees are Eddie Hofmeister, Sonia Ellis, Wendy Holdman, Gustav Demars and Scott Carlson.

We will share more information in the March Bugle.

Coming: Annual Bugle poetry contest

Just an early heads up: The Bugle’s annual poetry contest is coming up for our April issue in conjunction with National Poetry Month.

This year we will be asking contestants to draft poems drawing inspiration from the words “civility” and “gratitude.” The deadline for all poems, which must be submitted by email, will be March 7.

More details will be shared in the next issue of the Bugle. 

Scott Carlson is the managing editor of the Bugle.

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