From the desk of the editor

By Scott Carlson

From poems to parties

As we officially roll into spring, this edition of the Bugle is a time to celebrate the collective talents of our neighborhood poets and our newspaper’s legion of supportive advertisers.

First, our citizen poets.

Bugle social media specialist Laura Adrian served as the judge for the Park Bugle’s 14th Annual Poetry Contest in conjunction with National Poetry Month in April.

Laura carefully reviewed all 19 poems and walked away impressed with the quality of all the entries. See her analysis on page 12 of this issue.

“What struck me about all the entries was their ability to provide a glimpse into the worldview of their creators and their unique take on this year’s theme, ’gratitude and civility’,” Laura said. “Participants submitted poems on a variety of topics such as nature, travel, crises, family and everyday life.

“I want to express my own gratitude to everyone who took the time to submit a poem,” Laura added. “Selecting the winners was a challenging task, as I carefully read through each submission multiple times, with the authors’ names removed during the judging process.”

While we are publishing only the three winning poems in this Bugle, we hope to publish a few other entries in future issues of the Bugle, as space permits.

Now a word about the Bugle’s advertisers.

As the Bugle celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the support of our advertisers has been crucial to the Bugle’s longevity. They provide not merely money to help fund our operations, they help lay the foundation for our newspaper whose mission is creating community by turning readers into neighbors.

So, the Bugle board and staff met at Sunrise Banks to host an “Advertiser Appreciation Gathering” from 5 to 7 p.m., March 14. It was the first such appreciation that we have held since this practice was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We had people from retail and business services attend. It was a great opportunity to reflect and say “Thank you” to an important group of people who make the Bugle possible. 

Scott Carlson is the managing editor of the Bugle.

Top photo caption: The Bugle recently held an “Advertisers Appreciation” event at Sunrise Banks. Top photo (l to r) Bugle staffers Fariba Sanikhatam, Sonia Ellis, board chairperson Helen Warren, Scott Carlson, Mary Hegge and former copy editor Betsy Carlson. Photos by Lou Micheals.

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