From the desk of the editor

By Scott Carlson

Celebrating 50 years of the Bugle

Dear readers,
This issue marks the 50th anniversary of the Park Bugle.

That is no small feat given recent trends in U.S. newspapering. The Medill School of Journalism reported in 2022 that of the number of local newspapers in U.S. _ one quarter of the total_  had ceased publication since 2005.

We hope and pray the Bugle lives to see another 50 years. That we have made it this far is a testament to, among other things, continuing support from our legion of advertisers and business and individual donors

In this issue , and in succeeding editions this year, we plan to run stories that look at what it took to get the Bugle to this anniversary milestone. Our lineup of anniversary stories this month include:

-A commentary from board chairperson Helen Warren on the key founder of the Bugle.

-Reflections from Adam Granger, a longtime Bugle columnist whose forte has been as a humorist.

In August, we plan to Judy Woodward’s look at several prior Bugle editors and Mary Mergenthal will share what it was like to serve as editor of the Bugle. I think you will agree that we have had scores of very talented and dedicated people helping make the Bugle a success.

There also will be anniversary-related stories from former editors Dave Healy and Kristal Leebrick.

In the process, we will be chronicling the survival and flourishing of a neighborhood institution that is a key ingredient in building and sustaining community in St. Anthony Park, Como Park, Falcon Heights and Lauderdale.

The new 2024-25 Bugle board

With the start of a new fiscal year, the Bugle has had a slight changing of the guard.

         At our 2024 annual meeting in June, we honored two outgoing members _ Rosann Cahill and Kristin Wiersma. Both women were energetic and visionary board members, helping push the Bugle in new directions and deepening its footprint in the community. We thank them for a job well done.

         Meanwhile, we welcomed three new board members _ Allison Eklund, Andy Sackreiteer and Ian Wreisner. Allison and Andy have deep ties to SAP while Ian is newer to the community and is a journalist at the Anoka County Union Herald.

         We are looking forward to their contributions and an exciting new fiscal year!

Scott Carlson is managing editor of the Park Bugle

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