From the Desk of the Editor

By Scott Carlson

Covering COVID-19 pandemic

In the past month, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a stranglehold on America, casting a long dismal shadow over our daily lives. In many corners of the nation, our hospitals’ ICUs are at the breaking point handling scores of sick and dying patients. Millions of our fellow citizens are unemployed. Government solutions seem unattainable.

And some of the simple pleasures of life—from gathering with friends at our favorite restaurants to attending sport events and movie theaters—seem distant and elusive. We note in this issue of the Bugle that the coronavirus has forced, for example, the cancellation next month of St. Anthony Park’s beloved annual Arts Festival.

But through it all, people are pressing forward with grit and creativity. We share stories of how administrators and teachers are carrying forth online learning for students. See specifically our reports from writers Sarah CR Clark and Eric Erickson how our public schools have embraced “distance learning.”

Meanwhile, our local busi­nes­ses—from restaurants and realtors to banks and hardware stores—are adopting new tactics to stay afloat. Whether they survive will depend on what we, as the local community, do to support them. Whether it is buying gift cards, ordering takeout or taking advantage of various curbside pickups; there many options to help at our disposal.

For our part, the Bugle offered discounts to our display advertisers this issue to help them publicize their businesses and keep their names in front of the public. A key initiative has been to give them a boost by offering ads on our Bugle website’s home page. It’s also part of our push to make our website more vibrant. To see what is happening, go to

Home & Garden section time

Although there has been an abundance of gloomy news, the arrival of spring means it’s Home & Garden time in this issue of the Bugle. Check out our stories on vegetable gardening, employing “lasagna” gardening and “fairy gardens.”

Bugle fundraising update

The Bugle’s goal for 2019-20 is $52,000; as of April 18, we have received $49,010.00.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed thus far, especially for those of you who have made two or more contributions. And for those who have not made a donation, it is still not too late. Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated and plays a major role in keeping the Bugle strong and able to continue operating.

You can make an online donation at Click the green DONATE NOW button on the home page and scroll down. Or send a check to Park Bugle, P.O. Box 8126, St. Paul, MN 55108.

And now here is a list of our latest contributors: Haley Anderson, Aaron & Alyssa Arredondo, Alan Baxter, Mary Boyd-Brent, Beverly Bybee, Bjorn & Britt Gangeness, Douglas Guild, Leroy & Marge Halvorsen, Erik Haugo, Lynne Hessler, Mollie Hoben, Sarah Hustad, Naomi Jackson, Rosemary Jennings, Vernon & Khin Khin Jensen, Alfred & Sharon Kauth, Francine Kozel, Eric & Jeannine Lotos, Gayle Mangan, Stewart & Kathleen McIntosh, Amy Schneider Purdy, Siegfried & Ann Rabie, Dan & Linda Severson, Nancy Smith, Allan Torstenson & Frances Homans, Dorothy Wallevand, Jay Weiner & Ann Juergens, Kathleen Zieman, Mary Zorn.

Upcoming Bugle deadlines

Here is a reminder on our Bugle deadlines for the next three issues. As always, we greatly appreciate when writers and readers submit their articles early. Aside from breaking news, most articles can be submitted ahead of the scheduled deadline.

And again, our publication dates represent when the newspapers go out for delivery. Distribution of the paper should occur over the next two to six business days. Meanwhile, bulk drop-offs of the paper around town could be slightly delayed because our distributor is taking steps to ensure their delivery people are safe during the coronavirus challenge.

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