From the desk of the editor Oh how fleeting is summer

By Scott Carlson

Seems like we waited and waited for summer to come this year. And before it barely got started, we witnessed it quickly waning.

As this issue of the Bugle hits the streets, we are primed for the start of the Minnesota State Fair, which officially kicks off Aug. 22. The Great Minnesota Get-Together is often seen as summer’s last hurrah.

(BTW, check out our great story from former Bugle editor Kristal Leebrick last month on top 10 ideas for what to do at the Fair. Go to our website at: ) There’s a certain sadness in realizing that summer is almost over when the Fair starts.

These days, I hear a lot of talk about living in the present, enjoying the moment. But that often seems like an uphill battle, with so many people gazing to the future.

Many things are stacked against summer. Consider these facts:

• Many major retailers bring out their back-to-school merchandise sometime in July. Meanwhile, summer apparel is cleared out of stores by the end of June, barely after the official calendar start of summer.

• Pro football training camps get going in late July, which is close to the middle of the Major League Baseball season.

• Summer sports, such as youth baseball and adult tennis leagues, largely wrap in mid- to late-July.

But there are ways to push back to string out summer. Here are a couple things to think about:

• The truth is that calendar summer doesn’t end until Sept. 23. We can still get some of our hottest weather of the season in the early September.

• Make the most of each day. There’s still time to picnic, go bicycling or golfing or take in a Twins ballgame.

When autumn seems to be knocking on our door, remember there are still plenty of summer activities to fall back on.

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