Hampden Park Co-op leader reviews year

By Catherine Reid Day

More than 55 member/owners of the Hampden Park Co-op recently gathered for their annual meeting at the Urban Growler, celebrating their group’s successes in 2023 and electing new board members.

Meeting guest speaker Angie Pierach offered an inside look into her new restaurant and farm stand on Raymond Avenue, Herbst Eatery and Farmstand, sharing thoughts about the power of community and local food.

If you’ve been to the restaurant or farm stand you know the ways they turn local produce into tasty treats. Angie talked about the challenge of making quick changes to menus when they rely on food from Amish farmers with no email or phone service.

She also spoke about their commitment to community, including offering a share of profits to local non-profit organizations such as the Creative Enterprise Zone.

During the business portion of our annual meeting, I shared some of the ways our co-op has worked to provide excellent fresh food for the community and overcome pandemic challenges.

General Manager Matt Hass shared some successes including the transition to a new point of sale system that will improve the customer experience. He announced that sales reached a record high last year. The team is eager to expand its reach to neighbors and local workers.

New members elected to our co-op board were: Crosby King, Rose Shannon, Delonna Darsow, Cody Triplett, Nancy Laskaris and Francis Bulbulian. Theresa Ener serves as staff representative to the board. Mark Chapin and I are serving another one-year term on the board.

We thanked three outgoing board members whose terms expired: Sherman Eagles, Kate Gray and Rick Macpherson. Rick and Sherman will continue to serve on committees including work on governance, bylaws and long-range planning.

Our new board first met on Nov. 22 to review key areas of focus for 2024, including expanding our reach to the community through marketing and communications, reimagining our spaces and addressing energy efficiency and care for the building (purchased by the co-op in 2009) and mortgage refinancing.

All board members will attend a board training session in January to educate themselves on policy governance standards.

All meeting announcements are posted in the co-op on the bulletin board near the entrance. Board meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm. All are welcome.

Catherine Reid Day is president of the Hampden Park Co-op and wrote this article for the Bugle.

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