Hampden Park under construction through July

Hampden Park will undergo a major stormwater improvement project starting this month. The park is at the intersection of Raymond and Hampden avenues in south St. Anthony Park.

The St. Paul Public Works Sewer Utility Division plans to install an underground stormwater infiltration system that will receive stormwater runoff from about 9 acres of local drainage area, according to Bruce Elder, the city’s sewer utility manager. The water will be routed into a perforated pipe system and seep into the soil underlying the park.

Filtering the stormwater through the soil will help remove pollutants such as phosphorus and nitrogen, Elder said. The project will be largely contained within the southern portion of Hampden Park, and it is anticipated that no trees will be impacted by the work, Elder said.

The project is expected to be completed in July. Park users are encouraged to exercise caution when using the north side of the park during the project, Elder said.

Construction activities will include soil excavation, pipe assembly, rock aggregate backfill, final grading and turf restoration. Once the project is completed, the park will look much the same as it does today, he said. The Sewer Utility Division will fund the project; there will be no direct assessments to area residents.

What happened to the College Park project?

The Hampden Park project may have some St. Anthony Park residents wondering what happened to the College Park stormwater project that had been proposed in 2010. The project has been placed on hold indefinitely due to changing groundwater elevations in the area, Elder said.

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