Happy birthday, Murray Class of 1956!

Members of the Murray High School class of 1956 celebrated their 80th birthdays with a visit to their alma mater June 14. The birthday party included lunch in the school cafeteria complete with sloppy joes made from the same recipe used in the school lunchroom 62 years ago (at least that’s what the person from the class of 1953, who gave them the recipe, said), birthday cake and a talk by Murray’s outgoing and incoming principals, Stacey Theien-Collins and Jamin McKenzie. Out of the 168 who graduated in 1956, 50 have died and 41 came to the gathering. Murray was a grade 7-12 high school until 1979, when it became a junior high school.

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  1. Amber

    That is awesome! My family graduated in 64-66 they still have some pretty active annual barbecues!

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