Help businesses in COVID-19 times

The coronavirus pandemic affecting many areas of our society has brought out remarkable creativity. We have been so impressed with the efforts of local businesses to accommodate customers and find strategies for surviving this crisis.

Easter weekend, we enjoyed “takeout” monkey bread, chicken pot pie and mashed potatoes from the Colossal Café.

Over the past few weeks, we have appreciated having SpeedyMarket offer “same day” curbside grocery pickup (versus the six-day wait experienced at a chain grocery store) and “takeout” from Nico’s Taco Bar and Karta Thai.

In addition, the Little Wine Shoppe now offers curbside pickup, and Frattalone hardware, the Finnish Bistro, the Post Office, the bank and boreal have made accommodations to integrate social distancing into the work day.

Other businesses are promoting using their web sites to order products. Park Service is offering personalized services for car repairs or for filling your gas tank. All Seasons Cleaners offers home pickup and delivery and the Hampden Park Coop has introduced a special shopping time for seniors.

We are not able to list what every business in north and south St. Anthony Park is doing to accommodate customers during this crisis. But we want to express our appreciation for a community that is so creative in finding ways to survive this pandemic. Last week, the sign on the front door of Speedy Market included the hopeful words, “We will get through this together.”

Keith and Karen Hovland
St. Anthony Park

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