Humor us: Enter the Bugle poetry contest

In 2011, the Park Bugle launched its first-ever poetry contest. It came at the heels of a particularly trying winter with a relentless amount of snow. When we went to press for our March issue five years ago, the Twin Cities had recorded 74.5 inches of snow and we knew it wasn’t over yet.

So, stealing from the playbook of a local daily news columnist (who ran a poetry contest asking people to write about ice dams), we asked readers to send poems that explored the subject of surviving that particularly harsh winter.

It’s 2016 and the winter hasn’t been that bad, but April is National Poetry Month and it’s looming. Once again, dear readers (and writers), we ask that you sharpen your pencils and get writing.

This year, we are throwing in a $50 prize for first place. The prompt is privilege. Here’s the skinny:

• Poems can take any form you choose.

• The word privilege does not have to appear in your poem. Use the word as inspiration to go in any direction it takes you.

• The contest is limited to one submission per person and it must be received by Friday, March 4.

The top three winning entrees will be published in the April issue of the Bugle. All submissions will be posted on the Bugle website. The contest is open to all Bugle readers. Current Bugle employees and Park Press board members and their families are not eligible to enter.

Send poems to Editor, P.O. Box 8126, St. Paul, MN 55108, or to The poems will be judged anonymously by a local poet. Get out those pens (or pencils or laptops). On your mark, get set, compose!

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