Andrew Peterson, executive director of the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) Minnesota, says the organization’s imminent move from 2446 University Ave. W. is “happy news.”

The organization announced in early March that it had given notice on its lease and had started looking for a new space.

“Over the past few years, our rent has skyrocketed to nearly 25 percent of our budget,” Peterson says.

The organization has cut salaries while increasing programming. “A move to a new space will save us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next five years.”

IFP moved into the University Avenue space in 2005, and Peterson says they hope to stay in the area.

“There’s a good chance we’ll just move a few blocks away—to a space that will better meet our programming needs and allow us to bring staff salaries back up to 2011 levels,” he says.

Finding the right space could take many months, but the organization is looking for a property that will allow expanded youth offerings, new film and video courses, additional professional development opportunities (including a new master class series funded by the Knight Foundation), more media artist fellowship opportunities, as well as events and exhibitions.

Currently, IFP is undergoing a feasibility study led by ArtSpace to explore the creation of an ambitious Media Center, Peterson says.

“Our next space may turn out to simply be an interim space. No promises, but we’re encouraged by our discussions.”

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