It’s back! St. Anthony Park history book

The book “St Anthony Park—Portrait of a Community” is making a comeback after being out of print for nearly 20 years.

Adam Granger, a St. Anthony Park resident and writer and musician, has spearheaded and brought the original back for a third printing. The tome was originally published in 1987 and had a second printing in 1991.

“A copy (of the original printing) was given to my wife and me as a housewarming present when we moved into the Park in 1988,” Granger said. “A few years back, I searched for a copy of the book for a new neighbor and was dismayed to find that it had fallen out of print. My desire to see this wonderful book resurrected grew stronger over the next few years. At some point, I began thinking seriously about overseeing a third printing myself.”

Armed with his small publishing experience, Adam decided 2020 would be the year to resurrect the book, whose author was David Lanegran, a former Macalester College sociology professor. The District 12 Community Council and the St Anthony Park Association contributed money to get the book printed.

After securing permission from the existing parties to the book, Granger hired Rick Korab, of Korab Design, to prepare a digital copy of the book.

“In addition to the usual scanning and formatting involved in a project such as this, each of the hundreds of pictures in Portrait had to be electronically excised, treated to avoid ‘moire madness’and then reinserted,” Granger said. “This process takes time and costs money, but it’s the right way to do it and the result is as close to a perfect replication as is possible.”

Upon meeting a myriad of production challenges, the latest printing of the book was completed in mid-May. The reprinting project cost about $2,000.

“I am not claiming any rights to St Anthony Park: Portrait of a Community, nor am I making money from this project,” Adam said.” Proceeds from the sale of this book will go first to repay production and printing costs, and then for a new press run. Any profits will be donated.”

Granger said his initial press run has been for about 130 copies. The book sells for $25 per copy and it can be purchased from Adam by contacting him through his email:

—Scott Carlson

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