The District 12 Community Council board passed a resolution asking the City of St. Paul to support Joy of the People’s (JOTP) proposal to resurface the tennis courts at the recreation center, located at 890 Cromwell Ave.

The resolution includes the caveat that both parties sign a Community Benefits Agreement to address neighbors’ concerns about accountability from both the city and JOTP. The council is hopeful that outlining some community considerations will make the relationship stronger between all parties.

A Joy of the People/South St. Anthony Community Committee is being formed to help brainstorm, discuss and facilitate future projects and events at the South St. Anthony park. The committee will work toward getting more community input about happenings at the center and establishing a collaborative dialogue between JOTP and the neighborhood. The committee will meet quarterly. The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 8, at 7 p.m. at Joy of the People, 890 Cromwell Ave.

If interested in participating, contact Alex Manning at or 206- 375-4331. If you don’t have time to participate but have comments, suggestions and concerns about the park, please contact Manning. This is the best forum to make your voice heard.

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