Editor’s note: Starting this issue of the Bugle, we will be periodically showcasing the writings of students. For this issue, Matt Ammerman submitted three poems written by his daughter Asha, a second grader at St. Anthony Park Elementary School.

Matt says, “I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the unique imagery and reflective nature of these poems. I especially like Bubbles. Pretty heavy for a light subject matter!”

Here Come the Zebras

Here come the zebras

Soft and smart

Big and strong

Shy and scared

Here come the zebras with their shiny manes

I wish they could stay and play


Bubbles are sad

They exist for a few seconds

Then they are gone

Gone like they did not exist

My Life is a Gift from God

My life is a present

I have life like a pheasant

I can breathe like the breeze

I can see like the sun

My life is a gift from God

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