La Familia Tapatia offers authentic Mexican street food

Martha Ponce and son Abe at La Fammilia Tapatia on Larpenteur Avenue. Photo by Rachael Carlson

By Rachael Carlson

La Familia Tapatia means “the family from Guadalajara,” and this familyrun business at 1237 W. Larpenteur Ave., is all about bringing you real, authentic Mexican street food.

In Mexico, if you are from Guadalajara, you refer to yourself as a “Tapatia,” explained Abe Ponce, coowner of the new restaurant, which opened in late November in the spot that had been occupied by Fresh Munchiez. Ponce works alongside his three siblings and his mother, Martha, who is the main recipekeeper, passionate chef and the founder.

What started as a popular food truck four years ago (you can find their truck at local breweries most days of the week) has evolved into a small, charming takeout restaurant with modern, rustic décor and no outdoor sign—yet.

They have kept the menu simple, focusing on authentic Mexican street food from Martha’s childhood, like their signature torta ahogada, drenched in sauce and your choice of meat. Think slow-cooked pork, seasoned cow tongue and marinated asada.

There are plans to expand and provide limited seating, but for now La Familia Tapatia is an ideal place to pick up dinner, talk with the friendly owners and delight in the fact that you didn’t have to travel miles and miles to accidently stumble upon these delicious tacos. They’re pretty much right in your backyard.

Pro tip: Try one of the slowcooked pork tacos with chips and guacamole (amazing guacamole). You’ll also want to try their chocolate-dipped caramels topped with sea salt and chili. Trust me.

La Familia Tapatia is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m.-9 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. It is closed Monday. You can find out more at, or call 651-253-6175.

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