Letter: An endorsement for Chue Vue

As you think about how to keep our St. Paul schools strong, I hope you will consider the contributions that Chue Vue would bring to the school board.

In St. Paul, 75 percent of the students are students of color with over 30 percent being Asian-American. Currently we do not have an Asian-American or immigrant person serving on the school board. In order to be successful with all students, I believe the voice of the Asian and immigrant communities must be present in the boardroom.

Besides, Chue is a highly successful role model for students. He came to America at age 10, not speaking English, graduated from college, worked 10 years, then got a law degree and now runs his own law firm.

Please consider supporting Chue Vue for one of your three votes in the St. Paul School Board election on Nov. 5.

Al Oertwig,

former St. Paul School Board member and chair

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